Sarah Mimouni: Ideally, digital native content should be released during the pre-production phase of television content and not afterward

Euronews: Being creative and innovating is a must in times of change
09 de junio de 2021

Sarah Mimouni, Distribution Manager Latin America & Out of Home at Euronews, said during the PRODU Webinar “The digital transformation of news channels”, that they launch content on social media before it is broadcasted on TV, even they do this also with the news that is still in production. Likewise, they place content produced for TV on their YouTube and web channels, or native digital content is produced from these programs.

“Ideally, digital native content should be released during the pre-production phase of television content and not afterward. We are currently moving towards the production of digital video series for our verticals such as Euronews Green, Euronews Travel, and Euronews Knowledge, which will also be broadcast on our TV channels. Our Euronews Travel Rerouted The Balkans video series, that focuses on discovering new places and cultures, is the first of its kind to premiere first on YouTube and then on TV,” she said.

She explained that they have reinvented themselves, seeking to work with originality. “At one point we saw the public rejection of bad news regarding the increase of patients, the images of people in hospitals, so it was necessary to shift towards positive stories to show solidarity between people and stories of people helping each other. The real challenge we faced was finding the balance between showing what is happening and maintaining hope for people to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

She claimed that when the pandemic crisis hit they were among the few that had coverage in Europe. “Fake news began to show up a little later when the questions about vaccination came up. The key is to do responsible journalism, based on science and not let people generalize and draw conclusions, because many things are blown out proportions," she said, after commenting that they launched The Cube, a program whose great challenge is to recognize what is fake and what is true.

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