Sarah Mimouni, Distribution Manager for Euronews Latin America

Euronews celebrates its 30th anniversary with a new corporate image
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|22 de marzo de 2023

In 2023 Euronews in Colombia is aiming to expand distribution and close agreements with more operators in the region.

“This year is very special because Euronews is celebrating its 30th anniversary and we are launching a new corporate image with the slogan: Discover the new Euronews. This new look will be promoted across all of our platforms, including TV, digital and social media. In addition, the new corporate rebranding will position Euronews as a multilingual and multicultural news outlet, and the look-and-feel of the new logo is sober and elegant that reflects our heritage and Euronews' progressive and innovative attitude,” said Sarah Mimouni, Distribution Manager for Euronews Latin America.

Every year Euronews attend Andina Link with high expectations and keeps a close eye on new trends and the latest technological advances in the industry. “In this market, key players from the sector and government meet and this year will surely analyze key issues such as: where the SVOD industry is heading and key display trends,” she said.

Regarding prospects, Euronews will continue to promote its offer of products and services, which includes the option of Euronews' linear channel news in Spanish, which, although it is already available in Colombia on pay TV operators and cable associations, OTT platforms, the company aims to increase its presence in other operators, whether large or small. "In addition, Euronews Campus is our flagship product for private and public schools and universities, which, although it has been widely accepted in the region, we hope will grow much more in Colombia and the rest of Latin America," she said.

For the company, Colombia is a key market. “The population is over 52 million inhabitants, with an audience that, according to a recent study by Parrot Analytics, demands more news magazines in its television offerings. I am proud to say that we are present in Colombia as the only international news medium, offering the latest European and international news in Spanish. We also work together with local TV channels and online media, and we are currently in talks with various business partners in the country, so we will have fresh news for you soon."

Asked about the FAST market trends, Mimouni said that the region is seeing an increase in demand as consumers become more selective about what they want to watch on TV in the ecosystem of streaming platforms that they have within their reach.

“Definitely, the viewing models will coexist and we hope that our FAST channel, Euronews Español, will continue to grow rapidly in the region. The channel is an opportunity for our business partners in the region to generate unique income streams with our live broadcasts,” she mentioned.

Euronews Español FAST channel is available on Roku and Samsung TV+ in Mexico, as well as on ViX and Pluto TV in Latin America.