Sarah Mimouni, Distribution Manager for LatAm and Out of Home (OOH), reported that they are also focusing on expanding Campus

Euronews: We continue growing in LatAm with TikiLive and SamsungTV+
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|01 de octubre de 2021

Euronews news channel continues to grow in Latin America through alliances with TikiLive (Euronews in English and Spanish), SamsungTV+ Mexico (Euronews in Spanish), and Brazil (Euronews in Portuguese). "These are some examples of the most expected launches in the coming months in Latin America,” said Sarah Mimouni, Distribution Manager for Latin America and Out of Home (OOH) of the channel.

In Argentina, Euronews is available through Cablevisión, Gigared, and Supercanal with more than one million subscribers. The signal also operates at a local and national level, through public channels that receive their newscasts and specific programs that can be broadcast on their own channel and/or website.

“Argentina is part of the key markets for Euronews due to its large demographic that constitutes a solid audience. We want to expand the distribution of Euronews in Spanish in this country through large operators, but also other systems since it matters to us reaching small communities,” said Mimouni.

"Since we are our own content producers, it allows us to be very flexible and achieve our main goal of being available in all formats to meet customer expectations and habits," she commented.

The channel's 360 ° strategy consists of offering much more localized content, on TV or VOD, in text, video or only in audio through podcasts. “Euronews offers its partners the opportunity to position their own brand at the forefront of Euronews services, which not only provides news, but also a wide variety of programs: business, culture, art, science technology, sports, travel… which are available in all formats: TV, computer, mobile, website, and others. It is essential for us to meet customer expectations and habits and, most importantly, provide the best possible user experience,” she said.

Another important channel for the distribution of Euronews is out of home (OOH).

“Airports, restaurants, and public transportation, among others, are natural places where you can find our content. Not only is our content tailored to the needs of the audience, but the way in which it is recorded and displayed allows the viewer to easily understand the topic and be informed,” she explained.

Mimouni reported that they are also focusing on expanding Campus, a content offering dedicated to schools, institutions, e-learning platforms, and universities.