Arturo Sampson, producer of Exile Content

Exile Content, Atresmedia TV and Newtral co-produce the docuseries Los Borbones: Una Familia Real
09 de julio de 2021

Atresmedia TV, Exile Content, and Newtral, in collaboration with Alea Media, co-produced the docuseries Los Borbones: Una Familia Real, directed by the creator Aitor Gabilondo and the journalist Ana Pastor.

The series, of six episodes and currently in the filming phase, tells the recent history of the Spanish crown, one of the oldest monarchies in Europe, and focuses on the succession and reign of Juan Carlos I, who abdicated from the throne.

The story of Los Borbones: Una Familia Real will be built from the historical archive, unpublished images and documents, recreations, and the testimonies of historians, writers, journalists, collaborators, and people close to the Royal House.

Atresmedia TV joins the creators of two of the most praised productions in recent months: the series Patria, by Aitor Gabilondo; and the documentary Nevenka, by Ana Pastor. Exile Content, the film, and television studio based in Los Angeles, Mexico, and Miami, has been working alongside them for months and is behind the documentary A Real Dream. The Exile team, led by its co-founder and CEO, Isaac Lee, has also produced three seasons of El Chapo for Netflix.