Watch is personalized to help users discover new videos

Facebook Introduces Watch: A Video Platform For Creators And Publishers

10 de agosto de 2017

To offer their users a sited devoted to watching videos, Facebook just launched a dedicated platform for watching videos, called Watch. According to Daniel Danker, Product Director of the social network on a post in his Newsroom, this is a platform for shows, which will be available in mobile, desktop and laptop, and on your TV apps. “Now we want to make it even easier to catch up with shows you love” he said referring to the fact that last year they launched another tool, the Video Tab, which offered a predictable place to find videos on Facebook.

Watch is personalized to help users discover new videos, organized around what your friends and community are watching. For that, they include sections like: Most Talked About, What is Making People Laugh, and What Friends Are Watching.

Danker explained that Watch is also a platform for all the creators and publishers, who want to find audiences, build a fan community and earn money with their work. They even offer a list of the type of shows that could be successful on Facebook, which includes those who attract participation of fans and community, such as Nas Daily; live videos that connect directly to their followers, like those by the bestseller Author, Gabby Bernstein; Shows that engage fans and community, like Kitchen Little by Tastemade, and live events that gather communities the way the MLB is doing. They air one game a week on Facebook. Live shows that connect directly with fans.