Matías Rivera is the CEO and co-founder of Fz Sports, alongside David Belmar and Raul Rivera

Fanatiz, 1190 Sports, and Nunchee creates Fz Sports
28 de abril de 2021

With an innovative business model, state-of-the-art technology, and a focus on optimizing the value chain of the sports business, generating a new way for how rightsholders, trademarks, and audiences connect with each other, was launched Fz Sports. The global company will serve as the main destination for monetization, digital interaction, and enjoyment of the best sports content live and on-demand.

Based in Miami, with an international footprint covering more than 100 markets, and a multicultural team of more than 85 professionals in the US, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, Fz Sports offers a robust value proposition that integrates the essentials of the sports ecosystem through its three businesses:

-Fanatiz, one of the sports content streaming platforms with the fastest and most growth worldwide, bringing together the best of world sports to be enjoyed live and on-demand from any device

-1190 Sports, a company dedicated to the management and marketing of sports rights—transmission, image, and distribution—whose value proposition allows leagues, federations, and brands to strengthen their connection with consumers;

-Nunchee, a company dedicated to providing technology and know-how for the creation and operation of streaming services, direct to consumers, with a focus on sports content.

Fz Sports operates under an associative business model that maximizes the potential for value and reduces financial risks, generating growing benefits for all parties.

Currently, Fz Sports’ consolidated portfolio allows millions of fans around the world to enjoy more than 30 competitions including La Liga, Copa Conmebol Libertadores, Liga Profesional de Fútbol Argentina, Series A & B of Brasileirao, the leagues of Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, Ligue 1 of France, and the British Basketball League, among others.

“In a market such as the sports world, where both brands and rightsholders face limited alternatives of establishing a closer and more effective connection with consumers, Fz Sports stands out for its ability to link and add value to all members of the sports distribution ecosystem: investors, rights holders, brands, leagues, federations, and fans,” said Matías Rivera, CEO and co-founder of Fz Sports, alongside David Belmar and Raul Rivera, executives with a broad international corporate track record in the media, technology, and sports business management industry.