Federico Nieves

Federico Nieves of Retargetly: idX is a lasting, secure and accessible identifier
20 de octubre de 2021

Within the framework of the Future Data Ecosystems Summit of Retargetly, its CTO & cofounder Federico Nieves presented idX Corporation technology and spoke about a connected, collaborative future and first-party data. At the same time, he explained how the data is handled and how the Data/Science equipment develops audiences. Throughout his presentation he also emphasized the project’s focus on security, privacy and user-first.

Nieves kicked off his presentation by explaining exactly what addressable media is. In just a few words, he summed it up as the ability to identify a person through his device and so target him or her with personalized advertising. In contrast, he mentioned the various uses threatened between now and the year 2023 with the elimination of third-party cookies, including measurement and analysis, retargeting, segmentation and frequency control.

Faced with that scenario, he noted the five paradigms being discussed regarding the future of digital advertising, beginning with the use of full first-party data via the AP browser, which identifies the choice and measurement of advertising, which in turn become the user’s navigator. The third paradigm – “data cleans rooms” - means a third company would arbitrate the transfer of information. Fourth place is all about context, which implies creating ad campaigns aimed at the media content the user is seeing. Last but not least are the universal IDs, which in his opinion is the paradigm best resolved by addressable media.

Nieves explained how the results can be recovered without compromising the privacy of Internet users. For that, he presented the idX technology as a universal solution for Latin America.

“We’re out to apply a persistent identifier that is secure and accessible,” he said. “The purpose is to assign an idX to every user to be able to recognize him and create people-based campaigns.”