Felipe Boshell, president of Canal UNO in Colombia
Felipe Boshell president of Canal UNO Colombia: Our proposal will be innovative, focused on differential contents
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|11 de mayo de 2017

Felipe Boshell, president of Canal UNO in Colombia, who recently assumed this position, has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and has the challenge of starting a channel from zero, seeking to be an additional alternative for TV viewers, starting the second semester of 2017.

Canal Uno in Colombia is the third open TV network opened in that country that will be operated by the consortium integrated by Yamid Amat from CMI; Daniel Coronell from NTC; Patricio Wills and his partner from RTI; and Alan Sokol and Jim McNamara VP at Hemisphere.

“This is an opportunity to prove what we are capable of doing, what we want and to bring a new proposal to the Colombian market. We are working strongly on production and development of new contents. Our proposal is going to be differentiated from the current market offer: We have realities, contests, dramas and above all, a strong pillar in the news area. We are a generalist, open TV channel,” commented Felipe Boshell.

Canal UNO will have in house productions, but they are seeking alliances with production companies that have differential points of view and contents. “We will work a great deal on content to reach TV viewer’s hearts” added Boshell.

“Our bet is 360, digital must be taken into account and is one of our goals. Additionally, for advertisers we will be an alternative in which we will have synergy with brands,” ended the executive.