The former boxer Julio César Chávez and Fernando Barbosa from Disney Media Latin America 'box' at the screening

Fernando Barbosa and his Disney Media Latin America team presented 4 original series in their screenings in Los Angeles
31 de mayo de 2016

Fernando Barbosa, senior VP for Distribution and Production at Disney Media Distribution Latin America, presented, together with its team, 4 original series 'made at home', including El César (26x60'), on the life of the Mexican champion Julio César Chávez, who attended the event. Soy Luna, La Venganza and Hasta Que Te Conocí completed the original offer. For the first time, they only showed first episodes of original Latin American series (and not US series): Soy Luna from Disney Channel with Disney Europa; La Venganza, made with Vista from Colombia, 100 episodes, adaptation of the acclaimed series from ABC Studios, Revenge, and Hasta Que Te Conocí, on the life of the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, a co-production with the Villanuevas’ Somos Productions, together with Mary Black, whom Barbosa credited with having been the connection with Juan Gabriel. Barbosa explained to PRODU the production values of the projects he was very proud of and disclosed the list of buyers that have purchased Hasta Que Te Conocí. The Mexican actress Ana Serradilla and the Colombian actor Julian Román, who plays the part of Juan Gabriel, were present.