Fernando Rodríguez, CEO of Terra USA
Fernando Rodríguez from Terra: video distribution agreement with Quepasa
06 de agosto de 2011

Terra announced a new deal with {Quepasa.com}, which includes video distribution and profit sharing, and will allow programming expansion to reach Hispanic consumers through social media. This new partnership will offer advertisers an integrated opportunity to connect to Hispanics. The agreement includes the addition of Terra TV to Quepasa’s video platform, giving consumers access to exclusive news, sports and entertainment. “With this alliance, the distribution of Terra TV’s thriving video platform grows even more by making it available to users of Quepasa.com. Our advertisers also benefit from Quepasa’s contest technology, offering innovative alternatives to engage Hispanic consumers online through social media, games, product integrations, and other 360º opportunities” said Fernando Rodríguez, CEO of Terra USA. The deal will allow Terra to reap the financial benefits from the social platforms of Quepasa, as well as from the contest technology of its social media network. The partnership will kick off in August with a promotion for the XVI Pan-American Games, to be held in Guadalajara starting October 14th.