Fernando Rovzar, CEO of Lemon Films

Fernando Rovzar from Lemon Films: We are already working on short and digital formats to complement the current market offer

28 de junio de 2016

With plans to expand their content offer, as well as a renovation in their production company concept, Fernando Rovzar, CEO of Lemon Films, assured PRODU that they are already working on short and digital formats to complement the existing offer and the needs of the current market, without neglecting long term productions on which they are currently working, such as the third season of El Señor Ávila for HBO, the second delivery of the films Matando Cabos and Kilómetro 31, as well as their first period series. “Now, we producers, filmmakers and writers know that content duration does not necessarily dictate the quality of the content. We have to think that duration is only that, but quality must be just as important in a 10-second product as in a 10 or more episode product. We want to interact with all kinds of formats and that is why for us the term is content creation,” he stated. Rovzar highlighted that in Los Angeles they created a videogame developing company with which they launched Fantastic, their first videogame, available in Apple Store, and they are already working on a second product: “We are watching how to integrate this part to everything we do in Mexico together with our presence in technology conferences to find new platforms and new ways to sell and commercialize”. Finally, he said that in international fairs they “increasingly receive requests things that range from 20 episodes to a TV movie or a documentary or some content for the Internet”.