FIAP presents Grand Slam, the ranking of Ibero-American advertising
16 de agosto de 2022

Starting this year and thanks to the initiative of the FIAP, plus agreements among the main local prize-giving festivals of the region - Diente (Argentina); Circulo de Oro (Mexico); Smarties (Brazil); IAB MIXX (Colombia); Ideas (Peru); Desachate (Uruguay); Locoto (Bolivia); Lux Awards (Ecuador); Tatakua (Paraguay); Caribe (Panama); Cuspide (Puerto Rico); IAB Mixx (Chile) and FePi - Ibero-America will have its own Grand Slam.

The ranking, which combines the points scored by agencies at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, at the FIAP (the Ibero-American Advertising Festival), and at the principal awards ceremonies of each country, is the honor awarded to the top industries of creativity, innovation and technology, along with the highly sought-after Grand Slams of tennis and golf.

The scores are added up the following way:

- Grand Prix: 30 points.
- Gold: 15 points.
- Silver: 7 points.
- Bronze: 3 points.

If the prize is won at Cannes Lions, the scores are multiplied by three, at FIAP by two, while at the local awards festivals, the score stays the same.

The Grand Slam is a great inspiration and hard to win, due to the fact that to be able to calculate the ranking, one must at least have won some of the prizes permitted.

“Every winning communication in festivals has 2 1/2 times more chance to be a successful communication for the brand. And if that communication wins at the local, regional or global level, its chances increase exponentially. For that reason, and in recognition of those achievements, the Grand Slam positions will be announced every year, everywhere in the world,” said FIAP CEO Daniel Marcet.