The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers agreed on production protocols in a large and detailed document

Filming in Hollywood to resume starting June 12
09 de junio de 2020

Hollywood studios, organized under the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (that group companies such as Amazon Studios, Apple, CBS Studios, Disney Television Studios, Fox Corporation, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures Television, among others) agreed on production protocols in a large and detailed document. This accompanies the recent announcement of the Department of Public Health in California of starting filming processes as of June 12.

The protocols include measures that are common to most of the known protocols, such as individually packed meals instead of buffet tables, mandatory coronavirus tests for the cast and production team, temperature measurement, and provision of personal protection equipment; reduction of the number of people that are part of the work teams, privilege remote work, including the recommendation of online casting and online location scouting, as well as special measures for the makeup and costume personnel.

The document is more detailed and accurate than other protocols and includes aspects such as counting on a person that ensures the fulfillment of protocols, choosing locations that enable distancing from the audience; measures for working with minors and animals that participate in productions; special measures in case of performances without protective gear, such as using a Plexiglas screen or a casting barrier that is made physically, and limit the number of scenes with physical contact or handling special effects from the script, among others.

See the Hollywood studios protocol here.