The 1968 student conflict that took place in Mexico City and Puebla will be the topic of the series, directed by Gabriel Ripstein and produced by Filmadora Nacional

First Amazon production in Mexico will be on the 1968 student conflict
15 de febrero de 2018

Amazon starts producing original series with local thematics, with the series on the 1968 student conflict, which has started shooting in Mexico City directed by Gabriel Ripstein and produced by Filmadora Nacional.

It would be the first original production for this market, which other giants, such as Netflix, have counted on to develop productions.

The 50th anniversary of the 1968 student conflict will soon be commemorated. It was a social movement that involved students from the main universities in the country along with an important representation of the civilian society, including workers, homemakers, intellectuals, and professors in Mexico City and Puebla. The movement was seeking a democratic change in the country, greater political and civilian freedom, less inequality, and the resignation of the government of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), which was considered authoritarian. The leaders of the student movement were persecuted, jailed, tortured, and their protests were repressed, to the point of a massacre known as the Massacre of Tlatelolco.

This movement and its terrible outcome gave way to a more critical and opposing attitude on behalf of the civilian society, which was a turning point in Mexico.