Camila Sodi and Iván Sánchez

First images released of Camila Sodi and Iván Sánchez from Señorita Pólvora, co-production of SPT and Televisa
25 de julio de 2014

After the announcement of the partnership between Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and Televisa to produce 840 hours of programming in the next five years, some pictures and details have been released from the first of these co-productions, Señorita Pólvora. It is being shot entirely in Mexico and stars Camila Sodi and Iván Sánchez. The story is based on real events, centered on a beauty queen and her romantic involvement with a hit man. Camila Sodi plays Valentina, a woman drawn by love to the edge of death. Señorita Pólvora is produced by Colombian Daniel Ucros. The cast also features José María de Tavira, Saúl Lisazo, Ramón Valera, David Medel, Fátima Molina, Alejandro Durán, among others. The series will air in Mexico and the U.S. Spanish actor Iván Sánchez recently worked on the Televisa telenovela La tempestad, produced by Salvador Mejía, while Camila Sodi was recently focused on film and musical projects.