Producers met to discuss the situation of the audiovisual industry in Mexico

First Meeting of Mexican film and audiovisual production companies concludes with an assessment of the situation of the industry
Aliana González, Mexico City|11 de enero de 2023

The first Meeting of Mexican film and audiovisual production companies took place at the IP9 Studios facilities, organized by Canacine (National Chamber of the Film Industry) and Egeda México, together with other trade union organizations.

Tábata Vilar, Director of Canacine, explained that the meeting, which brought together 70 production houses, is a first approach to assess the country’s audiovisual situation in order to work on building an industry. "The idea of this meeting is to build an industry and set the agenda to achieve it, by reviewing our strengths and weaknesses," she explained, after commenting that this is the best time to have this debate, when the audiovisual industry is booming.

The dynamics, during the 9am to 2pm meeting, entailed working tables on different topics, such as the labor market, the situation of competitiveness, profitability and viability of the production business; sales, distribution and exhibition of the content, the political and economic situation, both global and national, as well as the generation of data and statistical information, among others.

One of the issues that arose was the possibility of creating a Federation of producers to care for the affairs of the producing companies. “Now at least we have a diagnosis. We will be planning a second meeting using this diagnosis as the agenda plus strategic lines and steps to follow,” said Vilar.

Carlos Gómez, general director of Egeda México, noted the significance of holding an assessing meeting at the end of the year in order to plan for the future. “What matters the most is to increase the dialogue between producers, exhibitors, platforms and distributors, which are the four axes of the industry,” he stated.

Gonzalo Elvira, President, Egeda México, mentioned that he was impressed and enthusiastic about the call, as well as the commitment of those who attended.

José Antonio Suárez, director at IP9 Studios, stated that he was delighted to have hosted this meeting. “We have always tried to collaborate with industry organizations and we are happy to contribute,” he said.