Tamara Di Vizio, Project Leader of FlickShow, BB: To standardize the metadata of the clients through all the main audiovisual databases

FlickShow is like the Trivago of content
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de marzo de 2021

FlickShow’s service of BB-Business Bureau is offering distributors and small producers the opportunity to expand their content horizon and take them to new markets and customers.

“Our proposal is to standardize the metadata of the clients through all the main audiovisual databases -EIDR, IMDb, TheTVDB, TMDb, KinoPoisk, Douban-, achieving global coverage so that they find their content quickly and swiftly, with real data,” explains Tamara Di Vizio, Project Leader of FlickShow for BB.

Another advantage is that it helps to simplify the distribution, placing the content in the main marketplaces such as ProgramBuyer and Cinemarket.

Di Vizo emphasizes that the service not only publishes the content but also develops the search. “You go to FlickShow, search for your title and you can find out on which platforms it is available, in which markets, how all this information is displayed, and from whom you can buy it. We at BB call FlickShow the Trivago of content,” she says. Once subscribed to the service, the client has a dashboard to see everything related to its content.

Another key advantage is that BB is only one of two companies authorized to grant EIDR codes to third parties. EIDR is a universal code that is assigned to each content and that many streamers request in order to upload content to their platform. “To participate in EIDR you have to spend a lot of money. That is why EIDR gave us the authorization to register content on behalf of third parties, especially small, medium and intermediate production companies,” says Tomás Gennari, CEO of BB and founder of FlickShow.

Gennari said that they came to FlickShow thanks to the monitoring they perform of 153 countries and 2,400 streaming platforms, where there are 400 thousand unique titles (around 300 thousand movies and 100 thousand series). "Behind there is a huge amount of work that exists to identify those contents," he stressed.