The application has been experiencing an accelerated growth based on the new entertainment trends and quality of its catalog
Flixlatino celebrates its fourth anniversary showing accelerated growth
13 de octubre de 2020

FlixLatino celebrates its fourth anniversary offering the best movies, documentaries, and series in Spanish in this increasingly popular online modality. The platform, which belongs to SOMOS Next’s (company headed by Luis Villanueva), offers original content to its subscribers in a variety of genres, thus satisfying a wide audience for the modest price of US$2.99 per month. 

The application has been experiencing an accelerated growth based on the new entertainment trends, the quality of its catalog, and the conditions of the pandemic, which have stimulated entertainment at home through various internet-connected electronic devices.

The service can be enjoyed on multiple screens, adjusting to the most appropriate resolution for the bandwidth, and guaranteeing the best experience. Aside from a comprehensive search engine, the movies are subtitled in English and Spanish, with pause / forward / rewind options for the subscriber's convenience. In terms of acquisitions, it is supported by an international team that monitors the entertainment offers in the main Spanish speaking markets.

FlixLatino includes a combination of movies, documentaries, series, and children animation, making the app appealing to all the family and it also includes a linear option to enjoy online.

“We are very happy with this anniversary. In these four years, we have developed a highly competitive product with increasing diversification in its content. We have increased distribution significantly and reached goals well ahead of our own and our clients' expectations. The new trends in audiovisual entertainment predict accelerated growth, and we are prepared to fulfill those demands. We are increasingly available to the subscriber, with frequent releases that keep the content offering fresh and updates that keep us up-to-date on technology,” said Luis Guillermo Villanueva, COO of SOMOS Next.