Flor Leibaschoff

Flor Leibaschoff of Beautifulbeast named to the 2022 Class of Shining Stars: the TOP 20 women in Dallas advertising
Liz Unamo|15 de mayo de 2022

Flor Leibaschoff, co-founder and chief creative officer of Beautifulbeast and president of Circulo Creativo USA, was honored as one of the TOP 20 women in Dallas advertising - the 2022 Class of Shining Stars. The award esteems community leaders, high level executives, co-founders, executive vice presidents, masterful strategic minds, media experts and many more, who are breaking through the glass ceiling and raising the Dallas advertising community to a level never seen before.

“It’s always good to gain recognition for the work one does. I feel thankful to have made the Top 20, above all because I share it with many fine leaders of the industry, many of whom I have worked with side by side,” Flor told PRODU.

The creative, who has worked more than 20 years in advertising, warned that no exact formula exists for what makes good leaders, but there are some elements they all share.” “I suppose I accept that they’re not know-it-alls. They listen. They want to learn. And instead of telling others what to do, they roll up their sleeves and pitch in alongside them. And while we all have our duties, for me the best way to lead is by working in a team and always setting a good example.”

Among the ad industry’s current needs is closing the gender salary gap, which according to the United Nations (UN) stands at an inequality of some 23 percent worldwide. “There’s a lot to change. It’s no secret. From women’s point of view we have to stop being afraid and demand more. Go see the right people and demand what we deserve without fear,” she said.

Leibaschoff advises young creative women starting to develop their careers to find themselves a mentor” who teaches them the ropes and with whom they can chat.” Along that line she thanks her family and is grateful for having had a mentor.