Flor Leibaschoff

Flor Leibaschoff of Richards / Lerma: Ideas presented at ad festivals must need little explanation

Liz Unamo|29 de mayo de 2019

Flor Leibaschoff, creative director at Richards / Lerma, was a member of the jury at the Wave Festival held in Rio de Janeiro from May 21 to 29.

“The key elements to consider when judging an Outdoor piece are the idea, concept and execution,” she said. “Today, with so much technology and innovation, it’s easy to be dazzled and forget about the concept behind the idea. I like to award ads that have everything.”

Seven Hispanic agencies were invited to take part in the 2019 edition of the festival. “We’re a huge market. Every year we have more representation and take home more awards,” Leibaschoff said. “In the 18 years I’ve been in this market, I’ve witnessed this growth first hand, from having the honor of representing this market for the first time at the Cannes Festival in the Young Creatives competition, until now, when I was one of the nine representatives of the industry on a jury at the Wave Festival. This year we had ten Wave juries. This is great.”

The Wave Festival had a lot of local and regional entries. “It was best to show ideas that needed little explanation, in other words, with insights of the multicultural market that were not too regional. Whatever is presented, you have to make sure that in the case study, insight transcends, so the idea makes perfect sense even for those who do not know the context. You also have to think strategically about the category in which each entry is going to compete. You might first think of Outdoor, but then realize the ad will have a better chance in some other category,” the creative director said.