Marcos Santana from Telemundo on #PRODUprimetime: As a natural location, Argentina is perfect

Focused on rescuing the Argentine industry
03 de septiembre de 2020

“As a natural location, Argentina is perfect. If you want to shoot downtown Madrid, you can do it downtown Buenos Aires; if you want to shoot in Canada, you can go to Bariloche; if you want to shoot in Australia, you go to Ushuaia. Whatever you want you can find it there, ” stated Marcos Santana, president of Telemundo Global Studios on #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra.

Marcos has undertaken a campaign on the current critical situation in the Argentine audiovisual realm. Last week he spoke with the local news media Infobae and La Nación, emphasizing how unions hinder the development and growth of the industry. Now it was with PRODU, that will make several deliveries of the conversation.

“I have broken many paradigms: I broke the paradigm of Colombia when they said it was provincial and didn´t travel, and proved the opposite at the time. I did the same with Chile, people didn't know that content was produced in Chile; and this time my batteries are focused on Argentina”.

This high executive´s ties with Argentina were strengthened last year when NBCUniversal, thanks to the strategy he designed himself, acquired the production company Underground, “the #1 boutique production company in the region” as it is called.

“Additionally, you can find European features to fake any European country, not only from the architectural point of view, but also the physical one, because there is a multicolor range of talent that does not exist in Mexico or in Colombia, nor anywhere else".

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