JC Acosta from ViacomCBS International Studios & Networks Americas: In the pandemic, audiences shifted towards digital

Focused on streaming capturing subscribers
Marcela Tedesco|20 de noviembre de 2020

JC Acosta, president of ViacomCBS International Studios & Networks Americas, explained, in his keynote at MIPCancun Online+, that the company's business is focused on streaming, with their platforms Pluto TV (free) and Paramount+ (soon to be launched).

“In the pandemic, audiences shifted towards digital. There were 1.7 million more SVOD downloads that in the previous period, streaming increased by 200% and AVOD advertising sales continued growing, when that of pay and free TV started to decline. The pandemic was the accelerator. Now we are in that state of launching and capturing subscribers," he detailed.

Pluto TV today has 6.5 million active users in Latin America and Europe, 66 channels, 100 content partners, 18 thousand hours of programming, and this month launches in Brazil with 24 channels. Paramount+ will have 9 thousand hours of films and series episodes, 7 thousand hours of original content, and a competitive price.

VIS, as a content provider for all ViacomCBS platforms, now adds Paramount+. Acosta confirmed the series Cecilia (Burman office) and announced other projects for the screens of ViacomCBS in 2021: Parot (ten episodes), a series co-produced with Onza and RTVE from Spain; Los Enviados, made with Juan José Campanella, starring Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Luis Gerardo Méndez; and the animation Gloria Quiere Saberlo Todo, with Magnus Studios owned by Marc Anthony, Mundoloco Animation Studios owned by Campanella, and Lanugo Media. It will be the first of several projects to be made with Anthony´s production studio.