Founders closes 2021 with 5 new global and local accounts
08 de diciembre de 2021

Founders closes 2021 with five outstanding new accounts: Netflix, Snapchat and Hornitos worldwide, Kerrygold at the regional European level and Unilever in Mexico. The agency also let it be known that it is currently tracing another very interesting project with Unilever.

“The challenge was to win each of these pitches against some of the world’s best agencies. The kind that makes you say, “Wow, this is going to be tough.” In some cases we met the challenge by forming a team with By The Network agencies, working with our partner Per Pedersen, while in others it was the Founders team working through its five offices,” said Founder Tanya De Poli, to which fellow Founder Cesar “Checha” Agost- Carreño added that “what made us proud was that in every case, the marketing teams of these companies told us ‘You won by a mile.’”

For the agency, winning these accounts signifies the consolidation of the creativity that those brands need. For clients, it provides the possibility of identifying and working with the most creative independent agencies in the world, with the global reach needed to cover any market anywhere. So that the brands’ ads come across as original and believable in their messages, the same with the look and feel of their executions, and produced with fast and nimble processes that avoid cost overruns caused by clumsy, complicated structures. A unique offer that is unbeatable, De Poli and Agost-Carreño agreed.

For each and every brand the agency’s work will always be tailor-made, since they all have their own particular needs. Every creative team is therefore organized in line with the objectives of the business being served. The results are flexible structures of multidisciplinary professionals who interact to contribute their expertise along with their global and local points of view. This enriches their proposals with a multicultural approach. The power of Founders and By The Network is based on the power of their creative teams. As has been noted, these are some truly outstanding professionals.

The agency made its debut in 2019 and currently has offices in New York, Miami, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Jamaica. It is led by 28 Founders.