Emilio García, Chief Legal and Integrity Officer at the FIFA, was one of the presenters

FOX: By convening this big summit on piracy in sports we are evolving
Aliana González, Mexico City|26 de febrero de 2019

The Sports Anti-Piracy Summit 2019 began in Mexico City, summoning the main players of the international sport. Carlos Martínez, President of FOX Networks Group Latin America, shared that it is the first summit dedicated solely to piracy in sports. "I see it as the evolution of all the summits we have held in the last three or four years, that were more general and in which we gathered governers and authorities. Now, we are evolving to a big summit, like this one on sports, and a big summit we are going to do on entertainment as well, where we will gather the entire industry," said Martínez. 

He emphasized that the most relevant thing is not that it is organized and sponsored by FOX, but that it is open to everyone: TV channels, promoters, teams, leagues. "If the entire industry is not involved, it is very difficult to combat this scourge," he added.

Martínez mentioned that more than agreements or commitments, in this first event, they are seeking to raise awareness. "It is amazing for all of us to be together in the same place, to have our competition here: Televisa, TV Azteca, ESPN, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. I think it is a great start and a big step." Additionally, he commented that many of the guests are focused on soccer because this has to do with the sport that is consumed most in Latin America, but that there are also representatives from other disciplines.

Yon de Luisa, President of the Mexican Soccer League; Emilio García, Chief Legal and Integrity Officer at the FIFA, presidents, and directors of the leagues of Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Formula 1, WWE, MBL, soccer clubs, Atlético de Madrid, among others, presented their ideas. The event continued on Thursday, 21.

“It is the first of, surely, many more and in each one there will be more commitments and more ideas on how we combat piracy," said Martínez.