Carlos Martínez of FIC, Epigmenio Ibarra of Argos, and Bárbara Mori introduced Dos Lunas
FOX International Channels: Following the co-production business model with four series scheduled per year
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|20 de febrero de 2014

FOX International Channels, in association with Argos TV, LUA y Cadenatres, introduced in Mexico City the series Dos Lunas co-produced for MundoFOX. It stars Bárbara Mori and Leonardo Sbaraglia and premieres February 18th at 9pm. Attending the event were Lorenzo Orozco, VP of FIC México; Epigmenio Ibarra of Argos; Jorge Stamadianos, VP of Development of FIC; and Carlos Martínez, president of FIC Latin America. Martínez emphasized the large effort put into this project and announced FIC’s goal is to co-produce four series per year. “Producing four series per year derives from the need for good content: if we’re to run a Spanish-language fiction channel in Latin America, we need to fill it with original programming. We open to acquiring content, but we’re going to follow a business model of co-productions because there is plenty of talent in the region,” said Martínez. He said that in addition to Dos Lunas, they will premiere three more series, and for 2015 “we have to produce four high-quality fiction series of 50 or 60 episodes.” Epigmenio Ibarra said they are satisfied with “being able to deliver a quality series to the Latin American audience. I describe it as a dark and sexy series that speaks to what we are and what we have inside, and makes us question who we are.” The production team for the series includes director Gerry Rodríguez, Carlos Carrea, Pedro Pablo Ibarra, and Sergio Guerrero as co-producer.