Silvia Durán, Production Director at FOXTelecolombia: We have designed different protocols for each project

FOXTelecolombia starts shooting in Colombia and Mexico
Jaime Quintero, Bogotá|08 de octubre de 2020

Silvia Durán, Production Director at FOXTelecolombia, announced that in October and November they would start shooting in Colombia two realities and an entertainment project, while in Mexico they will do the same with two series.

“We are happy to be able to start working and for this, we have designed different protocols for each project since each one responds to different methodologies and needs," comments Durán.

“We have hired a COVID team that will be in charge of ensuring that protocols are met and to oversee that the things that were normal to us —such as embraces and being close— are avoided, so we don't have setbacks," she adds.

Under this new normality, the team has already provided production services for commercials and films for different clients in their studios in Bogota. "When you arrive at FOXTelecolombia, people must, first of all, fill out a form, after this, they receive a protection kit, and then are permanently followed, being checked for when they skip protocols. We are prepared to continue catering to the industry, not only with the COVID issue but by having the best executive, creative, and production team".