Ana Barreto, EVP and Country Manager at FOXTelecolombia

FOXTelecolombia: We attended LA Screenings seeking strategic allies
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|21 de mayo de 2019

Starting the LA Screenings, FOXTelecolombia and Estudios Teleméxico are present seeking strategic allies to develop and create stories, as well as offer production services to the industry.

“We have been positioning ourselves with clients, as well as in a variety of genres. Today, we are producing for Telemundo, Caracol FOX, RCN, NatGeo Kids and FOX Sports, among others,” commented Ana Barreto, EVP and Country Manager at FOXTelecolombia.

Additionally, FOXTelecolombia has a backlot that allows them to have complet freedom regarding schedules as well as for optimizing resources. "We have the capability to adapt to different productions."

For his part, Andrés Vargas, EVP and country manager at Estudios Teleméxico, mentioned that they are currently working on strategic alliances that will allow them to take contents to different windows. “We have currently created two content VPs, one with Ángela Suárez here in Mexico to bring content focused on the OTT universe, and another with Magdalena La Rotta in Bogota, that caters to Cono Sur, Cable, open TV”.