Magdalena La Rotta, Product VP at FOXTelecolombia

FOXTelecolombia: We want people to feel the studios as if it were their home in Latin America
08 de noviembre de 2018

Magdalena La Rotta, Product VP at FOXTelecolombia, who toured the backlot, comments that the new scenery city, “aside from Brazil, is unique in Latin America. There is no studio as such, comparable to Hollywood and the ones in Europe”.

“We are proud to be able to do in-house, constructions of this size that allow us to recreate periods and places that would otherwise be difficult to follow." She also pointed out that they expect to expand the backlot even more in the future.

During the tour, the production of El General Naranjo was underway, and she showed buildings such as the façade of the General Police of the 90s, the bank of the Republic, as well as streets with popular profile, where they made the series Bronx and a high-security Latin America jail that has been used in many productions and is entirely functional. Inside the warehouses, 360º studios are recreated: “Our principle is the creation of totally realistic environments, with 4 walls, that is the same as being at a location". In these studios, we shoot with natural light.

Regarding sound, he mentions that the rumor in the city helps them render plausibility to the foely.

Thanks to the quality and professionalism of the talent and because of their rates, she says Colombia has become "a location set for the world", and that the studios offer its services to the international industry. "We want everyone to feel that the studio is their home in Latin America because here we can recreate”.

Concluding, she mentioned that the Duques, who want to be at the forefront in technology and production are “making emphasis in content, strengthening the team, to not only continue with Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso but with series like El General Naranjo. We are making a new series for Telemundo different from Sin Senos and Sitiados, that will soon be seen on screen”.