Ana María Barreto, Executive VP and Country Manager of FOXTelecolombia

FOXTelecolombia: We want to enter the film business lending production services
Aliana González, Mexico City|28 de febrero de 2019

Ana María Barreto, Executive VP and Country Manager of FOXTelecolombia, said that in 2019 they have two productions, one for Caracol and another for RCN, they are working on El Final del Paraíso (4th season) for Telemundo, and the next seasons of Nat Geo Lab are on their way. “Additionally, we have two or three more series for other clients. We also want to boost film production that is undoubtedly one of the pillars we want to develop," she expressed.

Barreto commented that in 2018 they did the production services of a film in English. “In the past, we have co-financed some local films and have timidly ventured into film production. We created a new business unit that is the Dirección de Producciones Internacionales, we want to enter into the film business, where we are going to focus on the offering services. We also hope to produce our own stories for cinema," she said.

She commented that 2018 closed very well for the company: "We are very proud of El General, which we finished in December, not only because of what we managed to achieve in terms of production, but because we are finally telling the story of those painful decades we had to live in Colombia with the topic of drug dealing, but from the side of the good guys."

She recalled that in 2018 they also produced Sitiados 3 in Mexico, Opa Popa Dupa and NatGeo L