Ángela Suárez, VP Original Content FOXTelecolombia and Estudios Teleméxico

FOXTelecolombia: With 17 titles in development together with clients
16 de noviembre de 2018

According to Ángela Suárez, VP Original Content at Original de FOXTelecolombia and EstudiosTeleméxico, the Latin American market has an enormous challenge.

The OTTs and the digital world in general “allow us to reach other audiences that have different consumption criteria." In her opinion, innovation is given by the platform, the same as the possibility of reaching TV viewers with other types of storytelling.

In the executive´s opinion, Colombian creators have to innovate because they cannot continue thinking with the same window model of previous times.

She explained that the players have changed, “it is difficult to distinguish between an antenna and a distributor, who is now the new king, so to speak, because he finds funds, places contents on the different antennas," and pointed out that each company has gradually acquired new skills and abilities that allow them to be a bit more 360 in their business offer.

“I would say that now, we somehow build stories together with TV viewers."

Suárez stated, additionally, that they are closing several businesses and they have 17 projects in development together with clients. "There are four titles in preproduction in Colombia and three in Estudios Teleméxico”. On the other hand, Magdalena La Rotta as VP of Products just finished Sitiados and is in the middle of the completion of the series El General Naranjo.

Likewise, they finished making the pilot of a super series, the title of which she cannot yet reveal, for Telemundo, with whom they have several projects.

“With Telemundo, we have a very nice marriage, that gives us plenty of satisfaction and promises a very long future."