Samuel Duque Jr.

FOXTelecolombia: With big projects for the main markets in Latin America
Aliana González, Los Angeles |01 de junio de 2017

Samuel Duque Jr., president of FOXTelecolombia and Estudios Teleméxico, revealed they are working on different projects for channels in Colombia, Mexico and US Hispanic, as well as on the Pan-regional agreement with FOX.

“We have Zumba, for RCN, that narrates the life of Alberto Pérez, the creator of this musical initiative; with Caracol we are working on the series El Bronx, a story by Gustavo Bolívar, offere in Caracol LA Screenings. Additionally, in Mexico we are on the production of José José, a sensational story, mainly because of what it brings from a historical perspective, regarding commitment with the artist, with the music, and with the country,” stated Duque.

El Bronx is a mural story in an emblematic neighborhood of Bogota, that has several characters. “The challenge is Gustavo Bolívar’s ability to reflect the world, showing positive stories about change, with characters that come from different realms, and that when interacting in the Bronx, the environment transforms them, positive and negatively” he said.

He revealed they are in conversations with Imagen TV for a second part of Perseguidos, and with FOX this month they finished shooting Sitiados. “With National Geographic we are making two original series, plus the franchise of La Ciencia de lo Absurdo. With Fox Sports we are exceeding a thousand hours of anual production, focused on Fox Sports Radio, Central FOX and on Debate Final and La Última Palabra.