Samuel Duque Jr. president of FOXTelecolombia and Estudios TeleMexico

FOXTelecolombia: With plans to grow in Mexico and Colombia
Aliana González, Caracas|20 de junio de 2017

FOXTelecolombia has expansion plans in Mexico and Colombia. Samuel Duque Jr. president of FOXTelecolombia and Estudios TeleMexico, reported that in Colombia they are broadening facilities in their structure to build a scenery city and in Mexico they are growing focusing on talent and post-production.

“Mexico is a big challenge, there is a very interesting movement in the Mexican industry. Many players are arriving, and that motivates us to continue strengthening the company's growth, as well as that of the operations we started three years ago," he stated, after mentioning how remarkable the quality of talent in that country is. "We are imprinting great strength to the postproduction outline in Mexico," he said, after adding that they are going to evaluate how the market behaves, to think about investing in infrastructure.

As for Colombia, they bought a lot that is over 150 thousand square feet, where they have six entertainment, fiction and sports production studios. He mentioned that soon they will be inaugurating these spaces, including a scenery city. "We have a connectivity structure between the two headquarters, so it doesn't matter where it was shot, it can be postproduced in any of the two cities" he explained.