Francisco “Paco” Cordero, CEO of BTF Media

Francisco Cordero from BTF: We will start to produce superseries

Aliana González|11 de abril de 2017

Francisco “Paco” Cordero, CEO of BTF Media, reported that in their production plan they will start to use the 60-episode superseries model and that, even though they cannot reveal details yet, there is a specific project they are working on with Disney. "It is a line of work we want to integrate to the BTF model," he added.

He announced that for 2018 they will be developing a couple of biopics and also exploring other genres. "We think the organic way must move us from the biopic to a strong character, that doesn't necessarily have to be famous," he explained.

Among other news, he commented that now in April they are about to move to their new offices in Cuauhtémoc, in Mexico City, a space where the development and conception of the projects will operate. Part of the production team will remain in the old offices.