The screenwriter and film director Lucía Puenzo is on board as the showrunner for the 8-part series

Fremantle and Fabula to co-produce Spanish language psychological thriller, La Jauría in Chile
11 de octubre de 2018

Fremantle is teaming up with to co-produce a brand new Spanish language psychological thriller, La Jauría (The Pack).

The screenwriter and film director Lucía Puenzo (Ingobernable, Wacolda, XXY, Cromo) is on board as the showrunner for the 8-part series. Production is due to begin in Chile in January 2019.

La Jauría will be co-produced by Fremantle and Fabula in association with Kapow, and in partnership with TVN, Chilean public television.

The leading cast attached to the series include Daniela Vega, star of the acclaimed Sebastián Lelio film, A Fantastic Woman. This marks Daniela’s debut in a Latin American drama series. La Jauría also features Antonia Zegers (A Fantastic Woman, The Club, Prófugos, Tony Manero).

The series opens as the students of a private school stage a takeover in protest of a teacher who is suspected of sexually assaulting a student. Blanca Ibarra, a 17-year-old student, leads the protest but suddenly goes missing. Amidst the search for the missing schoolgirl, a video of Blanca being raped by a gang of unidentifiable men emerges and goes viral. A gender-based crime specialist police force formed by Elisa Murillo (Daniela Vega) and Olivia Fernandez (Antonia Zegers) work to find Blanca before it’s too late. As the investigation gets deeper, they learn that there is more than one offender behind the crime.

Ángela Poblete, president of Television at Fabula said: "La Jauría is an appealing series that will allow us to address the current social context, with a breathtaking narrative that gives no respite.”

Christian Vesper, EVP, Creative Director, Global Drama at Fremantle commented: “La Jauríais a powerful story with strong female characters leading the fight against the very real social issues of femicide and gender-based crimes in Latin America. We admire Lucia Puenzo’s vision and believe that her exploration of this complex mix of darkness and humanity will result is a fantastic drama.”