Adrián Santucho, CEO of FremantleMedia Mexico, US Hispanic and Pan-regional

FremantleMedia to produce Cocineros Mexicanos for TV Azteca
19 de julio de 2016

FremantleMedia Latin America announced the production of the dynamic live cooking show Cocineros Mexicanos (Mexican Chefs) for broadcaster TV Azteca. The series follows a group of four passionate chefs who teach and enjoy an array of different recipes whilst traveling the country to explore the gastronomic delights each state has to offer. The format is a Mexican adaptation of Kapow’s classic cooking show Cocineros Argentinos which has an additional localized version in Chile. “We are excited to start production of Cocineros Mexicanos as part of our commitment to produce successful formats in Mexico. TV Azteca is one of our most important clients and we are looking forward to bringing the brilliantly entertaining elements of the format to this new local version,” says Adrián Santucho, CEO of FremantleMedia Mexico, US Hispanic and Pan-regional. “We’ve had fun managing this series and that’s reflected on screen. The enthusiasm from the chefs and colourful recipes bursting with delicious ingredients come together to produce a vibrant live-show,” adds Coty Cagliolo, VP of Development, Latin America FremantleMedia. Rodrigo Fernández, CEO Study Group 7 TV Azteca, Mexico says: “Thanks to the expertise of two large companies, TV Azteca and FremantleMedia, this is a great co-production. We are confident we will deliver an amazing product which will captivate our audience." The format has a strong digital presence with almost 10,000 recipes from both the Argentinean and Chilean version being available online. FremantleMedia will manage all aspects of the production and the creative development. The series will be recorded in TV Azteca Studios and launch on 17th October 2016 on Azteca 7.