Agustín Sacanell from Kapow and Coty Cagliolo from FremantleMedia Mexico

FremantleMedia: We are looking for people we like to work with and who treat us well
24 de noviembre de 2017

Recently, an agreement between Kapow and FremantleMedia was announced, through which Kapow will have exclusive production rights and will represent all the entertainment format catalog in Argentina. Additionally, FremantleMedia will represent all the formats created by Kapow outside that country.

“We are very happy with the partnership we set up with Kapow in Argentina because we believe it is a territory that has great potential and because Kapow is a very creative production company. We are thrilled it can represent our formats in Argentina,” highlighted Coty Cagliolo, general director of FremantleMedia Mexico.

She added that they like the quality Kapow works with and their creativity. Their most renowned products have been Estocolmo in a co-production with StoryLab, and the successful program Cocineros Argentina, that is already in its tenth season and of which they have versions in Mexico (Azteca 7) and Chile (Chilevisión).

“To have a joint strategy in terms of fiction is very important, more so now when the word co-production is heard everywhere, but co-production from content that organically works throughout the whole region and that is what we are working on with Coty, who is an excellent professional and person” said Agustín Sacanell, producer and President of Kapow.

Cagliolo highlighted that during MipCancún, beyond business relations, they are additionally looking for people who like to work and treat them well. This was confirmed by clients, partners, and providers.

They announced that they are already working on several entertainment projects.