Frida Sellar of In&Out about the alliance with Casta Diva: We’ll offer a creative vision of the highest quality
10 de junio de 2022

The production companies In&Out and Casta Diva announced the alliance they have formed for the purpose of becoming the most important production hub of the region, according to Marcos Hernandez, head of production & creative producer at Casta Diva.

For In&Out, this coincides with their plan for expansion and growth. “We’ve spent quite awhile flirting with Casta Diva about the idea of establishing a more formal relationship. We’ve known each other for years and realized we have a very similar work culture, plus a group of directors who together cover a lot of creative territory,” said Frida Sellar, president and executive producer.

For her part, she added that the demands that characterize both companies guarantee the highest quality work for their clients. “That’s what decided us to take the step from flirting with the idea to an alliance,” Sellar said.

As an example, she recalled the work they did with Ramiro Nobrega in the 23and Mecampaign for the general market.

“The client was looking for a director who would understand and make the most of the agency’s idea, along with a production team that would get excellent results while still sticking to the budget. Ramiro came from Argentina, we shot the video in Mexico with In&Out Mexico, and the executive producers of both our companies formed the perfect team,” she remembered.

In that sense, Hernandez said the alliance aims to put top international production quality at the disposal of both clients and agencies, including the best directors from more than 10 countries at 14 production centers around the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia, and a roster of more than 90 international directors.

Sellar agreed and added that this is all about uniting the two companies’ total of almost 40 years of experience and motivating their network of directors, while at the same time working on their growth and presentations to clients in any and all parts of the world.

High production levels, audiovisual quality and professionalism are the elements Hernandez said they wish to reflect in their work. To that Sellar added “quality, freshness, creativity, professionalism, and that our directors and production teams continue to offer that balance between creative vision and final results of the highest quality.”