Camila Jiménez Villa, CEO of FMG Studios and of Story House Entertainment and CCO de FMG

Fusion Media Group: Story House Entertainment will open more alliances with other platforms such as Netflix
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|11 de mayo de 2018

Story House Entertainment is already producing its new series with Netflix, Tijuana, and in a few months will be releasing the third and final season of El Chapo, which will run on Netflix.

"We have just started Tijuana’s production, which is one of the new multi-series agreement with Netflix. Tijuana ponders about what is the truth and what we are willing to risk for it. We just finished developing the first season, which went into production two weeks ago. So far, we are excited about the team, cast, and the progress. We continue betting on new talent and growing with our creatives, which is crucial for our model” explains Camila Jiménez Villa, CEO of FMG Studios and of Story House Entertainment and CCO of FMG.

For Jiménez, in terms of trends, it’s becoming more important for the market showing a reality that is much more diverse than what is being offered to viewers, both before and behind the scenes.

Another important trend is using more frequently co-production as a method of financing projects. “The increase in the production quality that audiences expect requires an increasingly higher budget for the series, which promotes collaboration between different content creators to achieve the best product for the viewers. In some cases, this also offers synergies in terms of distribution and sales, as is the case of our partnership with Netflix” he said.

Jimenez said that one type of content that is increasingly gaining popularity is the unitarian and limited series. “This more limited commitment by the actors allows great talents to participate in series and helps the writers to keep the stories fresh and original,” said Jiménez.

In terms of genres, he said that in fact there is more and more variety of the same, thanks to the explosion of distributors and series creators. “Today, more than ever, it is important to show the public’s reality and give space to new voices that until today have been underrepresented on screens” he concluded.