GALLEGOS United Launches El Covid and The Rona

30 de septiembre de 2020

GALLEGOS United brings the coronavirus to life in a new edgy, bilingual public education campaign for the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to further educate Latinos and African Americans on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and embrace the safety guidelines.

Rolling-out with English and Spanish TV, digital display, paid social media, radio across California, and print ads later this month, the new creative campaign gives coronavirus a face, a voice, an attitude and a nickname, by introducing sinister characters, “El Covid” and “The Rona,” who sneak into parties and family gatherings where they spread COVID-19. The campaign is part of California’s “Your Actions Save Lives” public education and awareness campaign, engineered to strike a chord among these audiences and get the message across, as many Californians are doing exactly what the virus wants them to do: they are overlooking the importance of preventative measures!

“We know California’s diverse communities must have communications that are in-culture, not just in-language,” said John Gallegos, founder and CEO of GALLEGOS United. “Thousands of Californians’ lives have been impacted because of the virus. Yes, we are all in this together, but we are not all the same. We understand the importance of delivering creative that truly strikes a chord with diverse Latino and African American audiences in a meaningful way. Personifying the virus and giving it a voice to hear from ‘El Covid’/ ‘The Rona’ firsthand on how heinous and close the virus truly is, enables us to cleverly educate the public and navigate efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19 via this creative and culturally-attuned campaign.”