Fermín Vilanova, executive producer of Garage Films

Garage Films: Pantoja with BTF Media and the horror film Grietas are our new projects
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|31 de octubre de 2017

Garage Films, advertising production company that recently partnered with BTF Media to open offices in Spain, will make an autobiographic series on Isabel Pantoja, together with BTF.

“The series will have 13 episodes and they already shot the trailer. I am very excited to see aside from commercials, that those in charge of our advertising can make long formats, enter in the world of cinema and TV shows,” expressed Fermín Vilanova, Executive Producer of Garage Films.

Another project the company is making is a horror film titled Grietas, the Spanish Maribel Verdú, directed by Adrián López, which will be shot in Spain.

In the advertising field, Garage Films recently made a piece for State Farm with AlmaBBDO; for La Comunidad, they made the Corona spot and have now started to work strongly on branded content projects. “Content is a very important part to develop and all our directors are prepared to help agencies tell the stories,” ended Vilanova.