Carolina Leconte, Content and Creative Production at Gato Grande Producciones

Gato Grande coproducing Parasomnia with Kuarzo
Maye Albornoz/ Jaime Quintero|28 de enero de 2020

Carolina Leconte, Content and Creative Production VP at Gato Grande Producciones, announced an agreement with Kuarzo from Argentina to co-produce the series Parasomnia by Mariano Hueter, the same author of El Mundo de Mateo. The first season of the project is conceived to have eight episodes.

“We traveled to Argentina and this story, in particular, caught our attention. It is a science fiction and suspense and speaks of parallel worlds. We have a spectacular summary of the year regarding the development of parallel worlds. We are very lucky to have several projects that are immense undertakings and in different genres: a period story, a horror story, a comedy, and this new science fiction content, Parasomnia, which we are thrilled about,” she expressed.

The executive said she was lucky to be in a company that, beyond corporate guidelines, pursues great stories, not limited by any budget, topic or genre. "We look for fascinating, different, and very original stories. This is very important for premium producers because you cannot resemble anyone."

She assured that very soon they will reveal more news about their projects that are in different development phases. Regarding Luis Miguel 2, she said they were completely immersed in the production.