Carolina Leconte, VP Creative Development and Production at Gato Grande Productions

Gato Grande Productions: We are focused on quality and not on volume

Maye Albornoz|01 de febrero de 2019

Two weeks after assuming her new position, Carolina Leconte, VP Creative Development and Production at Gato Grande Productions, assured that the change represents a step higher in her career and that she will apply her more than 20 years of experience in programming, production and marketing in this company that, even though is very young, has dedicated to generating short, high-impact premium contents.

“Gato Grande stands out for making spectacular content. They have the support of MGM and the person responsible for a great hit in the last few years, that was Luis Miguel, La Serie (she is referring to Carla González, executive producer and president of Gato Grande, whom she report to). There is no such thing as a coincidence, Gato Grande´s achievements are the reflection of all the processes and the elements that come together to generate the best products," she stated.

Leconte highlighted that the company is aiming towards growth, adding projects and teams, but without pressure regarding volume: "Making premium content has huge implications, not only in development stages, but in research time, pre-production and production. Additionally, we are handling all the dynamics of American writing, with a writers´ room, and specific and rigorous processes to achieve perfect scripts that, at the end of the day, are the structure of every production. All of this translates into a very superior quality."

As for genres, she stated that they are evaluating comedy, action, adventure, drama, in the aim to have a big scope that includes "endearing, marvelous, and real characters”, as well as contexts that have not yet been conveyed to the screen. However, they cannot yet make announcements about new titles.

Gato Grande Productions´ main headquarters is in Los Angeles, however, Leconte will be based in Mexico, where the company will soon open offices and continue adding human teams and projects.