Carolina Leconte, Creative Development and Production VP at Gato Grande
Gato Grande: We are seeking to take the Latino message to the Anglo market
13 de septiembre de 2019

The production company Gato Grande, a joint venture with MGM, aims at conquering the Anglo Saxon market with contents that have a Latin message.

“We Latinos are trendy now, but we are also going through realities in the US and we think there is a lot to say," expressed Carolina Leconte, Creative Development and Production VP at Gato Grande. The production company is looking for a premium series that highlight the Latin American culture, whether in Latin America or abroad, and that offer a different view or storytelling.

The bet also has to do with combining the Anglo Saxon production methodology–that works with writers´ tables and gives each project the necessary time for it to mature–with the freshness and spontaneity of Latino contents.

Currently, Gato Grande has 18 fiction series of diverse genres in development, two of which are ready to see the light. They are also working on entertainment content and docuseries, a genre that, according to Leconte, is starting to do very well and has a promising future. Additionally, they are also working on the production of the second season of Luis Miguel, La Serie for Netflix.