Actor and filmmaker, Guillermo Dueñas

GCFlix: We launched this streaming platform as a window for independent productions
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|07 de diciembre de 2017

GCFlix is the new streaming platform launched by the actor and filmmaker, Guillermo Dueñas with foreign investment. GCFlix aims to protect independent producers’ content and to promote the original production of series and movies. It is already available in beta, and the official launch will be on December 8. 

“We want to be the platform for independent filmmakers, where they can place content and get royalties. We know that what attracts audiences in these platforms is original content, and that’s why we are betting on this, in cooperating with new producers and gradually funding projects” Dueñas said.

Regarding original productions, Dueñas highlighted partnerships with Corazón Films of Mexico or Pataflix in Germany, and others in Europe and the U.S., including the production of short and long formats’ series with Golden Ceiba Productions, with which they have developed People, Dopamine, Love is a Battlefield, and soon they will begin the production of Mentes Extrañas in Miami, all in five episodes format, using cinematographic technique.

He also noted that all the investment for this project came from for foreign capital, and also the original content filming was done outside Mexico due to lack of support and incentive for creators from investors unwilling to bet on new local platforms.

To conclude, Dueñas said that he is currently filming the series Al Otro Lado del Muro for Telemundo, where he plays the leading role.