Izzet Pinto, founder and CEO of Global Agency

Global Agency: US Hispanic and Mexico are growing
07 de diciembre de 2022

Even with the ups and downs of some countries, Latin America continues to be a powerful territory for Global Agency products. “In some countries the demand goes up and down. Argentina, for example, one year is the third largest buyer, other the second and sometimes the fourth, but Latin America continues to be very strong for us. The US Hispanic is growing and Mexico is growing too,” said Izzet Pinto, founder and CEO of Global Agency.

He expressed its satisfaction with the achievements made in the region and praised the work of Iván Sánchez during the last ten years. “He is a very special and unique sales executive,” he said.

The company recently celebrated its 16th anniversary and Pinto recalled its beginnings: “I began with just one project and now we have more than 150 successful programs. We have come a long way and I really want to thank all of our customers around the world, including Latin America, who have helped us grow. We hope to celebrate in the future, in 2030, 40 years and continue as an independent company, something that has been my dream and we have achieved it so far.”

Among the 150 hit shows mentioned is Daydreamer, which stars one of Turkey's biggest actors, Can Yaman. “Daydreamer began to be sold in Latin America and it did very well, but still many territories have not acquired the series. Some Latin American countries hope to see its success in specific countries like Chile or Argentina and then everyone would want to buy it. That is why some titles that were released one or two years ago are now receiving more and more attention,” explained Pinto.

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