Jorge Nóbrega: The new integrated organizational structure is the result of Globo’s digital transformation strategy initiated in 2018

Globo Group unify its brand
08 de noviembre de 2019

As of January 2020, TV Globo, Globosat, Som Livre,, Globoplay, and DGCorp will come together to form a single new company that will bear the name Globo.

Announced by executive director Jorge Nóbrega, the new integrated organizational structure is the result of Globo’s digital transformation strategy, initiated in 2018 with a unification program called UmaSóGlobo (ASingleGlobo).

This marks a major transformation for the group. Focused on the direct relationship with and deep knowledge of its consumers, the program UmaSóGlobo combines state-of-the-art technology and high-performance data processing to deliver the highest-quality content in a variety of formats, thus expanding customer experience on a wide range of platforms.

“The Globo brand as it is known today, a synonym for free-to-air TV, will now give the name to an entirely new company, an expanded and integrated undertaking aimed at exploring new challenges and opportunities. The massive investment we have made in new technologies and business models does not mean that we will abandon our traditional strengths. Our strategy amplifies the power of television by bringing new digital opportunities to our free-to-air and pay-tv services, always putting customers at the core of our businesses”, says Jorge Nóbrega, executive director.

In this new organizational structure, Paulo Marinho, head of Canais Globo (Globo Channels), will command TV Globo; Content Creation & Production will be led by Carlos Henrique Schroder.

The company’s editorial journalistic guidelines and values will continue to be under the supervision of the Globo Group Editorial Board, of which Ali Kamel, director of Journalism at Globo, is a member.

Digital Products & Services, will be in the hands of Erick Bretas, who will manage the portfolio of their digital initiatives, such as Globoplay, G1,, Gshow,, Cartola, as well as new products and services to be launched in the near future.

The advertising sales, concentrated in the Advertising Integrated Solutions area and under the supervision of Eduardo Schaeffer, will monetize the inventory of linear and digital advertising.

The acquisition of various rights necessary for the production of audiovisual content, especially those related to sports and entertainment, will also be under a new area, Acquisition of Rights, which will be managed by Pedro García.

Strategy and Technology will be led by Rossana Fontenele who also will be in charge of Technology.