Globo Studios now occupies an area of 1.73 million square meters, with 13 soundstages totaling a built-up area of 12,500 square meters

Globo inaugurates three new studios in Rio de Janeiro

09 de agosto de 2019

With the inauguration of its three brand new studios in Rio de Janeiro, Globo opens up a new era for managing and producing entertainment, expanding even further Latin America’s largest content production complex – Globo Studios.

With a built-up area of 26,000 square meters, the project, which was developed from a new production concept, brings Globo’s original scripted content to the same level as other great international productions, offering what is most technologically advanced and modern in the audio-visual industry. With this sizeable expansion, Globo Studios now occupies an area of 1.73 million square meters, with 13 soundstages totaling a built-up area of 12,500 square meters, a venture that will expand its production capacity of telenovelas, series, mini-series, original formats, reality, variety, and sketch comedy shows.

“In the transformative age we live today, there is nobody in the media industry that does not hold their breath in anticipation of what is yet to come. The position of the Globo Group, throughout its existence and given all the transformations it has faced, has always been another one: to embrace novelty with intrepid optimism and courage. And the driving force behind our success has always been the recruitment of the finest talents; our emphatic commitment to quality; and the will to take steps with the urgency the situation demands, but at the same time with the responsibilities associated with the desire to move forward,” said Roberto Irineu Marinho, Chair of Grupo Globo’s Board of Directors, at the official inauguration ceremony, in which were also present João Roberto Marinho and José Roberto Marinho, Deputy Chairmen, besides cast members and executives of the Grupo Globo companies.

The project took five years to complete. With an investment of more than R$200 million, the new complex is the combination between what is best in the audio-visual industry with the expertise of Globo, which has developed innovative in-house solutions of global impact. The redesign of the management and production processes, combined with new technology standards, aims to bring greater agility and flexibility to Globo’s content production.

For a TV studio production complex already committed to producing annually approximately 3,000 hours of entertainment, the new facilities will allow Globo to further enhance its production capacity, which in turn will provide new possibilities for the development of its own talents.

“Telenovelas and series, vibrant stories that will be born within these walls and then transported abroad to delight global audiences, with the Brazilian culture and talents conquering the world. From here, we will be able to touch the hearts of Brazilians a little more, make them smile a little more, make them travel a little more in the world created, acted out, set, directed and lit by all of us,” said Carlos Henrique Schroder, CEO at Globo.