Once We Were Six is the most recent release from Globo

Globo presents a showcase of big hit telenovelas during NATPE V-Fronts
27 de agosto de 2021

This year, Brazilian telenovela celebrates its 70th anniversary, 45 of which command a strong and successful sales record in the international market. In a digital event held in a partnership with NATPE exclusively for buyers and distributors all around the world, Globo will reinforce the relevance and the competitive edge of the genre, as well as the success of Globo telenovelas worldwide, while sharing the reasons Brazilian telenovelas create actual success cases and drive business

NATPE V-Fronts presents Telenovelas by Globo: Big Hits Anatomy’ reveals cases from the recent production of Sweet Diva, a story of overcoming and optimism, and A Life Worth Living, which brings a positive message and shows that life must be valued at every moment. These two stories, which have been earning over fans wherever they run, will be showcased in addition to the family drama Once We Were Six, a remake of a Brazilian literature classic that has been a hit throughout decades. Once We Were Six is also the most recent release from Globo, the largest producing company in Latin America, in the market.

For Sweet Diva, a telenovela currently running in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile and already licensed in 60 countries, writer Walcyr Carrasco (also responsible for Hidden Truths) will tell what his inspiration was to write the plot, and director Amora Mautner (who also directed the Precious Pearl) will share details on the directing process.

As for the hit A Life Worth Living, telenovela that was also sold to more than 60 countries among which Belgium and Poland, writer Rosane Svartman and director Luiz Henrique Rios will be discussed their process. The duo will explain how the plot was designed around a friendship between generations and in different social classes, relaying to the public a message to value life.

The other success presented in the showcase will be the drama Once We Were Six, which revolves around the strength of a matriarch and her family, living short on limited resources, but surrounded by affection. Sharing the success attributes and factors that go into creating a successful family saga, writer Angela Chaves and director Carlos Araújo will comment on the challenges of producing the telenovela remake that was a hit across different decades, but remains current, and continues to engage new audiences.

NATPE V-Fronts presents Telenovelas by Globo: Big Hits Anatomy’ will take place on September 14, 9am ET.