Flavia Costa, manager of Children's Content at Globo: Live-action is our specialty, but we also believe in and invest in local animations

Gloob: In ten years we've created 833 hours of original content with "Brazilianness" as a pillar and sold to more than 100 countries
Marcela Tedesco|27 de julio de 2022

With ten years in the market, Gloob - operated and part of Canais Globo - has implemented an important growth strategy that has consolidated its position as a children's pay TV channel. Part of this achievement is supported by the "Brazilianness" they stamp on their content and which they have been able to imprint by being one of the largest producers in Brazil, with stories that relate to and empower children to transform the world, explained Flavia Costa, manager of Children's Content at Globo.

D.P.A. is an example. This brand was the first release of the channel's debut and has already completed 16 seasons, six of them being the most viewed. “Live-action is our specialty, but we also believe in and invest in local animations. And we cannot forget all the talent of children of the country that we have revealed over these ten years, nor our telenovela, Gaby Estrella, our first Emmy Kids Awards nomination."

The channel has also invested in gaming. “Gloob Games is an app that brings together video games from the main brands on the channel and has had almost 4 million downloads, 70 million games played, and 47 games published. The innovation also allowed us to create double finals for D.P.A., with public voting and lots of interaction on social media. We also ventured into reality shows with the premiere of Fuja se for Capa (Escape if you can) last year. This year, the format will be releasing its second season with new features” said Costa.

They have also developed exclusive digital formats in association with the universe of the successful French animation Miraculous Ladybug, such as Ladyblog, Mundo Miraculous and Miraculous Day, which have been an inspiration for other channels that air the series in other countries.

“Our international co-productions guaranteed us exclusivity rights to broadcast important IPs in the country and, also, to develop national licenses for products of these brands, as is the case with the international phenomenon Miraculous Ladybug. These alliances contributed to taking the channel to new audience levels”.

In-house co-productions also stand out, such as Escuela de Genios, recorded in 4K. Currently, they are developing a new co-production with Globoplay and Estudios Globo, Musa Música, with two different display windows, focusing on the targets of each platform.

Gloob has managed to turn a local DNA into a global success. “From the beginning, we understood the opportunity to offer Brazilian children safe content designed especially for them. Since 2012, we have produced more than 833 hours of local original content covering local themes and current, routine contexts that, at the same time, encourage identity and representation, always inspiring and entertaining. Even with this 'Brazilianness' that we consider as one of our main pillars, our original content has already been sold to more than 100 countries”.