Gonzalo Del Fa
Gonzalo Del Fa of CMC: We Aim At Making Multicultural An Organic Part Of The Communications Industry
Liz Unamo|19 de marzo de 2019

Gonzalo Del Fa, President of GroupM Multicultural, said that as the new Chair-Elect of the Culture Marketing Council (CMC), his aim is to attain three goals that would elevate the role of ethnic culture and contribute added value to marketing companies: "What I would like to achieve with CMC projects is for multicultural to finally become an organic part of the communications industry."

As for the first goal, he said that brands have a great chance to address Hispanic consumers, but that “the level of investment does not yet reflect the opportunity that Hispanics represent for brands. Some companies continue to operate in silos."

There is a lack of understanding of what culture means and how to apply culture to marketing. In fact a brand would profit greatly from “raising the role of culture with an understanding of what Hispanics are like, what things are relevant for Hispanics, and how you translate this into a marketing and communications campaign," Del Fa said with regard to the second goal.

Finally, CMC continues to promote educational conventions and partnerships with other organizations as ways to help the industry have a stronger voice in the multicultural market.